About Us

Success begins with the right foundation

About Axiata Foundation
We are an independent organisation set up to administer and govern the Axiata Young Talent Programme (AYTP). Year on year, we present Malaysian students with the opportunity to obtain a holistic education beyond the conventional curriculum. By 2015, we aspire to equip students with valuable life skills through the Ax Factor curriculum, an asset that will help them in achieving their goals.

Our Vision
To help young, talented Malaysians succeed in their education beyond academics and building a foundation towards a bright future.

Our Mission
Axiata Foundation shares its parent company's philosophy to advance Asia. To do this, we aim to develop and nurture well-rounded individuals into future leaders through holistic learning and better quality of education. Our objective in supplementing the Axiata Young Talent Programme with the Ax Factor curriculum is to give promising young Malaysian students a learning opportunity of a lifetime that integrates experiential and academic learning. We want to equip them with soft skills to realise their potential and compete globally. That's why we include a variety of activities such as workshops, business simulations, online learning and more so they can potentially transform into outstanding, successful world-class CEOs who in time will contribute to the nation.